Softscotch is a Hub for Digital Marketers & Consultancy for Businesses.
We are trying to build a small community of Digital Marketers, Growth
Hackers and WordPress Developers. We also provide consultation for businesses.

Digital Marketing Hub & Consultancy

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Digital Marketing Hub & Consultancy

Softscotch is a Digital Marketing Hub for Freshers & a Digital Marketing Consultancy for Businesses. Our creative team with expertise in Digital Marketing, WordPress development, and Graphic Designing can help your business increase it’s online visibility & to witness substantial growth in sales & conversions.

Firstly, Grab our SEO Audit report for complete online business & website analysis. This report will tell you where you need to put your effort to bring “The Change” to your business. If you liked our work then we can talk to take it further.


Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your website for Google & other search engines. Create a consistent flow of quality traffic to your website that converts & outranks your competitors.

Social Media Marketing

Increase your brand presence on social media channels. Create & drive quality social media traffic to your website with personalized content & engagement.

WordPress Development

Build your business online with WordPress. The most responsive & flexible platform powered by thousands of plugins. Trusted by 75 million websites.

Graphic Designing

Establish your brand with marketing & advertising graphics such as infographics, banners, email marketing templates, powerpoint presentations, & more.

Brand Building & Monitoring

Build your brand image online with planned & targeted activities. Monitor brand mentions online & provide quicker support to your customers online.

Influencers & Collaborations

Find opportunities to target huge base of loyal users in your niche. Use outreach strategy to build relationships & collaborate with top influencers.


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There are tons of free SEO audit tools that generate the same useless reports with very few details to work on.
They all simply lack Human Expertise. That’s what you pay us for.
Grab our SEO audit report to know where to make an effort that makes all the difference.



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