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Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

⚠️ This is a recreated image of actual results. Please reach out to us to receive a complete overview of the results Softscotch has achieved for its clients on SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, & more.

We can completely take care and grow your online business 📈 With growing competition, it’s important for a business to do everything that’s needed to climb to the top & hold that spot. In the world of the Internet, it’s Digital Marketing that your business needs to achieve. Unlike other agencies, we don’t charge pretty high & deliver less, and even worse, we don’t charge very low & undertake outdated tactics & activities.

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About 1 in 12 businesses close every year 💀
One of the main reasons why most of these businesses lose the battle is that they fail to update their businesses with changing trends. Like the most crucial ones

👉 Taking Offline Business Online

👉 Establishing Brand Online

👉 Growing Social Reach

👉 Growing Brand Awareness, Identity & Brand Recall

We can help you overcome these & many other problems, as we have helped many others & continue to help many more.

Are You Struggling With?

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

Not ranking on Google

Ranking on Google is a must for businesses in 2020. With 87% of the search market share, your business needs to show up on Google.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

Organic traffic is low

There’s nothing better than a highly targeted & cost-effective traffic that gives you a competitive advantage as a preeminent brand in your space.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

Ain't getting leads or sales

You may have a great product or service, but if no one knows about it or if you fail to diversify your marketing channels, you will have no sales.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

Current agency not delivering results

Lack of communication, coordination, and transparency will always result bad. Let us show you how we manage expectations.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

Campaigns are not performing

Everybody is online & advertising. To avoid losing business to competitors it’s crucial for businesses to create high ROAS campaigns in 2020.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

Website is outdated

Your website design impacts how the audience perceives your brand. Impactful user experience & Intuitive design should be your priority.

Why Us & Not Others

🥇 Premium Tools

We make use of premium tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Buzzsumo, Keywordtool, & more.

📈 Long Term Strategy

We focus on long term plans & achievements. This helps us build a strong brand identity.

🔥 Dedicated Team

Projects are handled by 6+ full-time employees with 20+ combined years of experience.

📋 On-Demand Reports

We track all our activities with daily, weekly, monthly reports & overall Results assessment.

💎 Quality Results

We plan & execute tasks that drive Long-Term quality results & Satisfaction of our clients.

👤 Always on Support

We have always extended support to our clients beyond our service & continue to do so.

⭐ Ethical & Transparent

Business ethics are important to us. We don’t do any Gray-Hat or Black-Hat Bullshit. We love our clients.

🏆 Quick Implementation

We believe in Ideation with Execution. We Plan, Implement, Track, & Analyse the entire process.

💼 Updated Regularly

We update our Clients business & Digital Channels with Changes & Updates in the Digital world.

Unlike other agencies,

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

We don’t assign multiple projects to a single individual.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

We don’t overpromise results & under deliver to our clients.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

We don’t take shortcuts or unethical techniques for short-term results.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

We don’t outsource any of our client work to freelancers.

Our Services

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your website for Google & other search engines. Create a consistent flow of quality traffic to your website that captures, converts & outranks your competitors.
Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

Social Media Marketing

Increase your brand presence on social media channels. Create & drive quality social media traffic to your website with personalized & engaging content that strengthens your brand.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

Paid Marketing

Increase brand awareness, capture leads & drive conversions through ads on platforms like Facebook, Adwords, Quora, Reddit, Pinterest & many others with high ROI.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

Website & Content

Optimize your website & content structure for increased engagement, retention, & conversion. Data-oriented content marketing to establish as Industry leader.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

Email Marketing

Grow & keep your email marketing list engaged with personalized email templates. Carry out conversion & lead capturing based email campaigns.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

Brand Building & Monitoring

Build your brand image online with planned & targeted activities. Monitor brand mentions online & provide quicker support to your customers online.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

Marketing Funnels

Guide users from the stage of Awareness to Advocacy. Create funnels that captures & converts your visitors. Build high converting Landing pages & Newsletters.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

Content Marketing

Build SEO-optimized evergreen content that drives traffic through commercial keywords. Focus on low-hanging fruits & Build pages with content that rank.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

Graphic Designing

Assistance with Logo, Banners, Posters, Vector arts and more. Create personalized visual content for your audience that drives Engagement & Brand recognition.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

Our Expertise

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SEO & SMM Projects
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WordPress & Shopify
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Advertising & Lead generation

Here are a couple of RESULTS we achieved for our CLIENTS


Looking for numbers?

Here are some quick numbers we achieved for our clients


262.35% Increase In Client Organic Clicks in 3 months – Healthcare Industry.


20% Increase In Client’s Overall User Traffic With Simple Tweaks To Existing Content.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

27x Return On Ad Spend On Facebook Ads – Education Niche.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |

32x Return On Ad Spend On Facebook Ads – Fashion & Lifestyle.


45.6% Increase In Client Leads in 6 months – Healthcare Industry.


182% Increase In Client Organic Clicks in 6 months – IT Industry.

Here are couple of CASE STUDIES

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |


Organic Traffic – Increased 60% | Bounce Rate – Reduced 14% |  Organic CTR – Increased 36% | Organic New Users – Increased 67%

This project was initially handled by a US company. We took over the project to improve their PPC performance. We later handled the overall Digital Marketing activities for them. We focused on SEO, PPC (AdWords, Facebook, Instagram), Link Building, Competitors Watch, & Building Brand Awareness.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |


Diversified Advertising Channels | Google Ads – 15 ROAS |  Facebook Retargeting Ads – 27 ROAS | Paid New Users – Increased 207%

We took over this project to manage retargeting campaigns on Facebook & ended up scaling & diversifying advertising channels to generate more sales. We increased ROAS on Facebook by 1.5X compared to previous agency handling the project. Also, helping them with inbound strategies.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |


New Leads – 25+ Leads/Day Comapred to 5 Leads/Day | Bounce Rate – Reduced 38% |  New Users – Increased 273%

This was an Education Consultation based business. We helped them build a new website on WordPress. Explored a less tapped advertising platform (Quora) that led to generating 5x quality leads & calls every day. We were also able to build their local presence through Local SEO & Social channels.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |


Recovered From Google Penalty  |  Amazon ROAS – Increase 23% | Organic Traffic – Increased 147% |  Organic CTR – Increased 36% 

This was a home solutions based company in India. We took responsibility of their Amazon sales & optimized the campaigns for increased sales. We helped them rank for generic keywords that brought in organic sales. We also resolved Google penalty issues with their website that led to increased traffic.

Not Sure If Is For You?

Here are a couple of quick questions for you! 

  • Are you new to running an online business and directionless?
  • Are you having difficulty creating your online presence?
  • Are you trying to outperform your competitors but don't know how?
  • Are you tring to grow your organic traffic & brand recall?
  • Are you trying to increase your leads, conversions, or sales, but failing?
  • Are you trying to build backlinks by guest blogging or sponsored posts?
  • Are you trying to advertise on Facebook, Google, & other channels?
  • Are you getting less ROI on your overall marketing efforts?
  • Are you having trouble with your existing marketing agency?

If you said "YES" to any of the above questions, then need us!

Our Approach

Consider us your “outsourced CMO/VP of Sales” to start. Let’s talk about your problems, objectives, & long-term goals for the business and allow us to put together the game plan of how to get there. You can then decide if we are a good fit!

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |


We’ll learn about your business, your current online marketing/sales activities, and understand your goals.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |


We’ll walk you through a custom-tailored strategy that aligns with your business or e-commerce objectives.

Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |


You get back to focusing on running your business while we focus on growing it online.

Our Process

❝ Price is What You Pay. Value is What You Get. ❞

Unlike other Digital Marketing agencies, we don’t undertake outdated techniques or focus on short term fruits. We work towards establishing an everlasting presence for the business with long term goals that reap measurable benefits.

We aim at creating a Brand that will be known for its creative ideation & unique value proposition.

If you are still not sure about us, you can try our 📋 SEO audit report

We quote our audit at an affordable price to give our potential clients an overview of our service and our expertise.


Industry Research

Our initial research provides valuable insight into your customer persona & their needs. A better understanding of your customers is critical to a successful SEO strategy.

Keyword Research

We primarily focus on segmentation strategy –  Demographic, Geographic, Psychographic, & Behavioral. Giving more priority to Search Queries rather than keywords.

Competitor Research

We identify your top competitors & uncover why they’re outranking you. Undertaking an effective competitor analysis that reverse engineers & later replicate & improvise their SEO strategy tailored to you.

Content Is King

Content is the key ingredient to increase organic reach. We will help you identify & build trending & evergreen content ideas aligning to your brand objective & provoke the desired action.

Website Structure

Crawl depth & crawl budget are few vital aspects of SEO strategy. It shows Google which pages of your site are most important. This can be leveraged to design & build a hierarchy that ranks.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO helps the search engines to better access, crawl, understand and index your website. It helps in identifying & rectifying any issues’ stopping your website from ranking on search engines.

Landing Page

A convincing landing page is key element of a successful campaign. We will help you build funnels of landing pages that convince, convert, & advocate your products & services.

Backlink Audit

We audit your backlinks to analyze links referring to your domain or subpath to get rid of the ones that are hurting your rankings, identify unnatural link patterns, and help you avoid penalties.

Backlink Building

Backlink is a vital Google ranking factor. We undertake content based link building strategies & techniques to build quality inks that improve your Domain Authority & Page Authority.

Internal Links

We carry out an efficient internal linking across the website that helps in establishing site architecture and spreading link equity. Increasing user experience & better Google crawl.

Local SEO

We will undertake activities & strategies to optimize your business for local SEO and reach the majority of consumers who use local search to find your product or service.

Much More

There are plenty more aspects to be taken care of under SEO. You can always grab our SEO audit report for complete analysis with actionable tips, fixes, & improvements for your website.


Audit Social Presence

Before strategizing where you are headed, we take a quick look at where you are. We perform an in-depth analysis of your social channels.

Choose Platform

Not all social channels work for all industries. We will identify the right channels inhabiting your target audience & target those channels.

Profile & Page Optimization

Your social media profile and pages are an extension of your website. We will optimize it to better represent your brand.

Competitive Analysis

We will perform a competitive analysis and find out what’s working for your competitors, implement something better on your channels.

Create Engaging Content

We create a content calendar that outlines how often we post to each network, which topics we share and when we will share them.

Track, Analyze, & Optimize

We track social metrics across all channels & analyze the key performing content & audience. Optimize further based on the data.

Customer Journey Through Social Media Marketing

Grow Brand Awareness

Awareness (these metrics illuminate your current and potential audience)
Followers, Shares.

Get Them To Engage

Engagement (these metrics show how audiences are interacting with your content)
Comments, Likes, Mentions.

Drive Leads And Sales

Conversions (these metrics demonstrate the effectiveness of social engagement)
Website Clicks, Signups, Sales.

Customer Retention

Consumer (these metrics reflect how active customers think and feel about your brand)
Testimonials, Social Sentiment.


Google Adwords

Advertise on Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, & More. Get more calls to your business, visits to your website, or shoppers in your store.

Facebook Ads

Advertise on Facebook & Instagram Feed, Stories, Messenger, Partner Networks & More. Generate leads & sales on 5X ROAS & 20X ROAS on Retargeting Audience.

LinkedIn Ads

Advertise on LinkedIn to reach more than 630 million professionals worldwide. Create Sponsored Posts, InMail Ads, Text & Dynamics Ads.

Pinterest Ads

Create awareness and consideration from Pinterest’s 250 million users with Promoted Pins, Video Pins, Carousels, App Pins, & Shoppable Pins.

Twitter Ads

Use Twitter Ads to drive engagement, grow followers, increase website traffic, generate leads & sales, app installs & engagement, & more.

Reddit Ads

Advertise on “front page of the Internet” to reach communities made up of 234M unique monthly visitors engaging with today’s relevant content.

Snapchat Ads

Advertise on Snapchat targeting the mobile-first generation to drive sales on your website, at your store, or downloads for your app.

Quora Ads

Advertise on Quora to reach millions of people who are already looking for answers to questions that relate to your business or industry.

Customer Journey Through Paid Marketing

Create Awareness

Here a customer is exposed to your Brand and positioned to learn about the Brand.

Attract customers

Create WOW factor for the Brand to maintain the Brand appeal and create consideration for the Brand.

Create Curiosity

Create a social path for the customer journey to maintain product appeal in both physical & digital worlds to create curiosity.

Drive Action

Convince customers to act through positive & memorable user experience with satisfactory solutions to their problems.

Create Advocacy

Create strong loyalty for the Brand with good service & positive experience for customers & have them recommend the Brand.

Brands We Worked With


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Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |



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Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |



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Digital Marketing Consultancy Bangalore |



Prominent Tools We Use

Interested? Reach Out To Us

Unlike other agencies, we don’t charge pretty high & deliver less and even worse, we don’t charge very low & undertake outdated tactics & activities.

Complete SEO Audit Report

The SEO audit report will include all the details listed here. The report will be created using advanced tools like Ahrefs & SEMrush. It will include detailed expert recommendations, solutions, & changes.

Duration – 5 working days

You Pay


1 Hour Consultation Call

Planning to implement Digital Marketing for your business?
We can walk you through the different aspects of Digital Marketing & what works the best for your business.

👉 How it can work for your Business?
👉 How to get you started?
👉 What processes may be needed to change internally?
👉 Where a Marketing Agency can fit & What part we can play?
👉 The costs



Fequently Asked Questions

Can You Manage WordPress or Shopify Site?

Yes, We can.

Softscotch team comprises of experts in WordPress Development & Shopify stores.

We can help you redesign or setup modern looking objective-driven WordPress sites & highly converting Shopify stores at a reasonable price.

Have You Helped Any Client Recover From Google Penalty?

We have helped multiple clients recover from Google penalties & restore their rankings on Google search. It ranges from penalties imposed directly from Google to some small changes that resulted in sudden drop in rankings. We can take care of them all.

We can help you recover from

  • Drop in ranks after recent Google Algorithm update.
  • Google penalty from site duplication.
  • Sudden drop in ranking because of low-quality backlinks from irrelevant sites.
  • Drop in ranking after recently changing or moving content within the website or the entire website itself.
Do You Use Black Hat SEO Or Unethical Techniques?

We keep ourselves & our clients miles away from such practices.

What's The Best ROAS or ROI Have You Achieved For Your Clients?

The campaigns we run for our clients have minimum 5 ROAS & 20+ ROAS on Retargeting Campaigns. The performance will vary based on niche or business. The ROAS also depends on the product or service, landing page, customer satisfaction. Whereas, SEO is a long-term strategy. It's not easy to predict its ROI.

How Will Softscotch Increase My Leads or Conversions?

There are 2 approaches
- Organic
- Paid Advertisements

Organic approach will focus more on content building & branding building.
Paid Advertisements will focus on targeting the right audience with right creatives to take action.

Will You Provide Monthly Or Weekly Reports On The Work?

We create daily, weekly, or monthly reports based on client requirement.
Everything will be tracked on spreadsheets, Google studio, or other collaborative platforms.

theHUB Subscription

Resources, Tools, & Support For Business Owners & Aspiring Entrepreneurs To Scale Their Business Online Without Hiring A Professional Digital Marketer.

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