Softscotch is hosted on Mddhosting 🤘

I have tried multiple Hosting sites and platforms like Weebly, Wix, and Others. 2 things I always ended up to was WordPress and Mddhosting.

Mddhosting is by far the best hosting service I have come across. There are 3 main things that I looked out for in a Hosting service and they were Speed, Service, & Pricing.

These guys are outstanding on all 3 of em. They have the best customer support team ever. No matter what problems you come across, even the dumbest things are helped with no delay. The response time of their customer service is amazing.

In 2 years my site was down only once. It was because of a huge outage but they managed to stay connected with their customers with hourly updates and restored all sites back to normal.

This would have been an outrageous experience for others but for me, it strengthened my trust in their service.

I strongly recommend Mddhosting.


SpySerp for Keywords Rank Tracking 🤘

Keeping track of keywords will reveal the true progress of your work.

That’s why I went out looking for a tool that I can use for tracking keywords on an everyday basis for multiple projects on different search engines & locations. I was also concerned about the pricing. When my search ended I had found the perfect tool.

It’s SpySerp.

They give 10k Checks at $8 will load of other features. I would totally recommend this tool.

Instamojo for Payments 🤘

When I went out on a search for a Payment gateway, It was pretty hard to find a payment gateway for Individual accounts without a high fee on transactions.

But, with a lot of research & days of search, I finally found the one.

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