Best WordPress Plugins For 2019 ( Must-Have )

What is WordPress And What are WordPress Plugins?

WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS), Which is used by thousands of people every day to carry out their business or to share information which could be helpful to others, through blogs.
Whereas, WordPress plugins are more like Add-ons, which are used in order to extend the abilities of a WordPress website or blog.

Why Choose WordPress?

Well, let’s consider me. Though I had heard about WordPress, I had preferred to use Weebly, as the drag and drop function made things very user-friendly for me back then (2015).

Later, I found myself in a boundary set by Weebly, which clearly didn’t allow me to build my website according to my liking. but, once I started using WordPress, I was really excited because it had everything that I ever wanted and needed.

Now, there is a lot of difference between a Want and a Need. Basically, when we are talking about WordPress, Want is focused on having what you think is essential for your website or which according to you is very much required in order to complete your website in terms of appearance, performance, and security. Whereas, Need is the inevitable necessity that is required to run a website.

Best WordPress Plugins Of All Time

There are many plugins that deserve to be on this list, but you can’t really put every single one of them on the list.
So, I’m gonna restrain myself to choose among the plugins I love and I have personally used.
This list of WordPress plugins are the essential ones that are required to run your website safely, productively, efficiently, and smoothly. I have chosen the plugins considering various aspects. So, here we go….

20. Google Analytics By Monster Insights

Sayed Balkhi, Who is the founder of WPbeginner – One of the best sites for free WordPress resources, acquired Google analytics for WordPress from Yoast SEO and re-published it as Google Analytics by MonsterInsights.

This plugin integrates Google analytics to your WordPress site and allows you to keep a track on the traffic your website is receiving right on the dashboard.

It lets you know which pages or posts are driving the highest traffic and what is the source of their traffic. They also have inbuilt referral detection system which tells you where your visitors are coming from and what interests them the most on your site. You can also use it to track your sales, downloads, outbound links, user searches & more.

Price – Free / Pro

Google Analytics By Monster Insights | Best WordPress Plugins | Softscotch

19. Click to Tweet WordPress Plugin

Are you very active on Twitter? or
Do you intend to create a user base or drive traffic from twitter?

Then, Click to Tweet by will help you in simplifying and creating a network of shares on Twitter that will bring a shit-ton of traffic to your site. All you have to do is create a short message that you would like the visitors to tweet. This message should be of max 140 characters including some hashtags (#softscotch), some catchy phrases and place it in the right position of your post so that the tweet would look a lot more meaningful & ….. That’s it!

Price – Free / Pro

Click to Tweet WordPress Plugin | Best WordPress Plugins | Softscotch

18. BackWPup

Scared of losing data or shitting up your website? Why not back it up!
Experience talk – “Your website can crash anytime & all your hard work can go down the drain because of one stupid mistake” – Always have your website backed up. You will regret it, if not.

Use BackWPup to backup your entire website to your Directory or an external Backup Service like FTP, Dropbox and many more. You can also check and repair your Database, Generate a file with installed plugins, and Schedule your backups to keep your backups updated. You can also restore your entire site without much trouble.

Price – Free / Pro

17. WP Smush

Why does my website take time to load?
People who own a website always have this question beating the shit outta their brain!
The answer is Images!

Images have the biggest impact on the load time of a website, second comes the plugin.
Plugins are not an issue, as the problem can be solved by uninstalling the unrequired ones. but, when it comes to Images, they are a pain in the ass.
You can remove them but obviously, you don’t want to, so the only way to solve the problem is to optimize them to a smaller size to load faster and that’s exactly what Smush does!

Price – Free / Pro

16. Lazy Load

Do you have a lot of images on your homepage? Are they affecting your website load time?
Then you need LAZY LOAD! Make your website lazy as a duck!

This plugin helps you to increase the page load speed by loading the images only as you scroll.
Basically, makes your website a lazy ass like yourself!

Price – Free

 15. Easy WP SMTP

Are you having trouble sending emails from your WordPress site? Are you facing a problem with Contact form 7 not being able to send Emails?
You don’t!? Don’t worry, You will encounter such problems sooner or later lol

This plugin allows you to overcome such email issues on WordPress by configuring and sending all outgoing emails via an SMTP server instead of your host or PHP mail function. The best part is that it will prevent your emails from going into the junk/spam folder of the recipients.

Price – Free

14. Frizzly – Social Share

One of the best ways to promote your content is through visual content marketing. It involves Images, Infographics, Videos, Presentations, Memes & every other thing that appeals our eyes. But, comparatively Images & infographics are easy to create and has a direct impact on the way the user visually looks at the content.

So, if we enable such content to be shared on social networks for millions of people to look at it and be equally amazed, then we can drive a lot of quality traffic to the site.

Now, Frizzly allows users to share images on popular social networks with just a few clicks. It enables sharing icons on images with highly customizable settings. You can choose to show only on certain pages or on certain images. You can choose the position, style, alignment, padding & further tweak it using custom CSS. It’s Awesome!

Price – Free

13. Monarch Social Sharing

Adding social sharing buttons to all pages of your website is a very good practice.
This practice can make a small or sometimes huge difference in the traffic u receive, But the frustrating part is choosing the right plugin.

Don’t worry, I have it covered for you.
Monarch social sharing is the best one you can find, but it ain’t free! All awesome things come at a Price!
Monarch has over 20 Social Networks to choose from, 5 different placing options, 6 automatic Pop-Up & Fly-In triggers, and Clean & Customizable design options. It is also highly responsive, and lightning fast.

Price – Paid

12. Shortcodes Ultimate

This plugin gives you a pack of 50+ shortcodes (that’s Awesome), which will appear in your content editor.
These shortcodes are highly customizable with a color palette and a ton of icons to pick from. Unlike others, shortcodes also support inbuilt live preview and one-click shortcode insertion within your content editor.

The above image shows the available shortcodes.
This plugin also supports custom CSS & all themes.

Price – Free / Premium

11. Disqus Comment System

The most effective way to engage with your visitors is through the comment section.
The only way visitors can convey their excitement, anger, appreciation, dissent, suggestions, disagreement or any other emotions are through comments.
Your comment section is literally a coal mine and this coalmine can help you burn & sculpt some hot topics by understanding the feedback left behind by the visitors.

Disqus comment system is used by millions of users to increase visitors engagement, grow audience, increase traffic and also allows you to monetize content. It also helps in Improving SEO ranks by using user-generated content. They also have anti-spam filter powered by Akismet.

Price – Free / Paid

10. Flamingo

Do you use Contact form 7 on your WordPress site?
Did you ever regret losing an email and hope to find a way to restore it or wished you had it all backed up?
Then, you don’t wanna miss this plugin!

This plugin stores every single contact form submission you receive. It also stores every single email in a separate address book which can be exported anytime.

Price – Free

9. OneSignal Push Notifications

One of the best ways to generate real-time traffic immediately after publishing your post is through sending push notifications to all the subscribed visitors.
Push notifications enable users to Opt-in/Opt-out any time, this enables you to have a quality user base and not bother people who are not interested, and that is why Push notifications have one of the highest conversion rates ranging from 30 – 40% or probably even more based on your niche. You can also learn what appeals the most to your users based on their interaction rate or behavior metrics. You can also automate most of the promotions.

OneSignal Push Notification is one of the best Push notification services I have come across and the best part is that it’s absolutely free. I know, even I was like WTF!
It supports Automatic Notifications, Targeting Segments, Real-Time Analytics, A/B Testing, Scheduled Notifications and a lot more things for you to discover. Don’t miss this one!

Price – Free

8. Forum – WPforo

The best way to increase session duration or retention rate of your site is to keep your visitors engaged on the site. What better way to do it than having a forum for all your visitors to openly interact with questions & answers.

WPforo forum plugin is one of the Best forum plugin for WordPress with nearly pro features and it is created by gVectors team. It’s a beautiful and a Powerful forum plugin that blends with your theme. You might have come across our Digital Marketing Forum, we use the very same plugin to run that page.

The plugin comes with 3 different layouts – Extended, Simplified, Q&A layouts and loads of inbuilt features such SEO functions, Antispam & Akismet integration, Powerful user group system, Drag and Drop management system and much more. The plugin also comes with some inbuilt styles and custom styling options.

Price – Free

7.  Convert Plus

Out of every visitor who visits your site, 42% of them can be turned into potential customers, but this can only be achieved by interacting with the visitors in real-time. So, every business that runs a site needs a lead capturing system like Conver Plus.

Convert Plus can help you to capture and convert leads to drive sales. You can use convert plus to build email lists, deliver coupons, generate social followers and shares, create segmented offers and much more. Convert plus can be connected to any major auto-responders and email service providers with ease. It can also target visitors based on their behavior and create individually targetted triggers. It also supports A/B Testing.

Price – Paid

6.  Contact form 7

I know you are confused on choosing the right contact form plugin as there are many of them claiming to be the best. but, there’s no plugin out there that could compete with contact form 7, probably not even the paid ones.

I have been using Contact form 7 for 2years now and every time I use it I end up discovering new ways to improve the contact form in terms of performance, integrations, and styling. Contact form 7 is highly customizable, responsive, reliable, and supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.

Price – Free

5. BackupBuddy

If you ask me what was the worst experience I’ve had with WordPress?
Not backing up my WordPress site was one of the stupidest mistakes I had ever made with WordPress. I knew that the website could go down with a few simple mistakes, but I ignored it and ended up losing everything I had worked on for months. I never repeated that mistake again and I hope even you don’t.

Backupbuddy is the best Backup service for WordPress and It’s one of the few plugins I install as soon as I start any WordPress project.

Use Backupbuddy to protect your WordPress site from Hacks, Server crashes, Malware, User Error, Deleted files, Bad commands by backing it up. You can use Backupbuddy to backup your complete website ( Database & WP files ), schedule automatic backups, Store backups off-site, and to restore WordPress site anytime.

Price – Paid

4. W3 Total Cache

Before we talk about the plugin,
Let’s have a moment of silence for all those, who have Godaddy as their hosting provider.
Because Godaddy has blacklisted around 50 plugins and the W3 Total Cache is one amongst them. They have integrated caching already into their systems, so they claim external plugins are not needed for this purpose. Not fair though!

This plugin increases the performance of your website by caching and optimizes your website for better page load speed. It improves the SEO and user experience of your site by increasing website performance and content delivery network (CDN) integration. It is a highly recommended plugin.

Price – Free

3. Wordfence Security

Friend: Hey bro, Wassup?
Me: Nothing much bro, Somebody hacked my website, stole all the data and changed my slider headline to “I’m an asshole”. how about you?
If you don’t want to go through something like that or probably even worse, then you better install this plugin.

Wordfence can secure your WordPress site from all possible hacks. The defense system of this plugin is constantly updated to protect your website from any latest hack and also alerts you through email. Their live traffic view gives you real-time visibility into traffic and hack attempts on your WordPress website. They also have some additional tools for you to block all hacking activity and secure your site.

Price – Free/Paid

2. WP-Optimize

When was the last time you cleaned your WordPress Database?
WordPress database accumulates a lot of unnecessary data over time ( trashed/unapproved/spam comments, stale data, pingbacks, trackbacks and expired transient options ), which can affect your Website database size and performance. So, it’s important to clean it weekly, if not every day.

This plugin scans through your WordPress database and removes all the junk files from your WordPress database and optimizes it for better performance and load speed. You can also schedule your cleanups.

Price – Free

1. Yoast SEO

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. It’s a process in which you make use of On-page and Off-page activities to make a website rank higher in Google search results.
Now, this plugin helps you to achieve that by helping you to optimize your posts or pages through the proper use of meta tags, which is one of the most important parts of SEO. You can create an XML sitemap for your site with its inbuilt functionality. Yoast SEO also lets you edit the .htaccess and robots.txt file through its inbuilt file editor. It also recommends changes to make your site more SEO friendly.
Price – Free

So, these were the 20 recommended WordPress plugins of 2019

Just like I told you, there are much more plugins that deserve to be on this list. So, this list will be updated every month, so stay tuned for that.

Hope you liked this article and found it useful. If you have any suggestions, advice or request, then please do convey it through comments.

Have a nice day 🙂

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