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Digital Marketing as a Career

Hi šŸ‘‹

It’s Sanju here šŸ––

I’m a 24yr old Digital Marketer trying to create my mark in a dynamic world.

I work as a freelance Digital Marketer, WordPress Developer, & Graphic Designer.

I’m also the one behind Softscotch šŸ˜ƒ

I have this Whatsapp group for Digital Marketers with 200+ ā¤ļøļø nice people.

I had set up that group with an intention to bring together the community, to help others, & learn from doing all that.

One of the most frequent queries that we do get from the community is about choosing Digital Marketing as a career.

Many are confused about Digital Marketing as a career! šŸ˜°šŸ˜°

So are you, I think? šŸ¤” That’s probably the reason you still here, reading this!

Just like every other, this field too has it’s own good & bad.

It’s just that the Internet is filled with Institutions šŸ’€ & Guru’s šŸ’€ exaggerating the good & hiding the bad.

To lure you into their money making funnels.

That’s why I set this up šŸ”„

I won’t share the good or the bad. I will rather focus to show you REALITY.

Why listen to me?

Iā€™m a freelancer with 4+ yrs of experience.

I have handled 9+ Digital Marketing projects & helped businesses rank on the first page of search results for the most competitive corporate keywords. I have managed & ran results driven AD campaigns on platforms like Facebook, AdWords, Amazon, Quora, Reddit, & Pinterest.

I have built 7+ WordPress & Shopify sites.

Here are a couple of things I will be covering

  • What is Digital Marketing? What all comes under it?
  • 10 things that makeup a Digital Marketer
  • Why do you need a Digital Marketing Course?
  • How to choose the right Digital Marketing Institution?
  • The truth about Digital Marketing Institutions
  • How much should you pay? or How much is the course really worth?
  • Different job roles available for a Digital Marketer
  • Job opportunities
  • Things to do before applying for a Digital Marketing job?
  • What’s the Initial pay for a fresher?
  • Things to do after getting a Digital Marketing job?
  • The truth about Guru’s, Specialists, Experts, Mentors, Motivational Speakers, & rest.

Here’s the Career in Digital Marketing PDF

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Looking for someone who can guide you & help you with your doubts & queries? Someone at the tip of your fingertips?

Are you confused if Digital Marketing is the right career choice for you?
šŸ‘‰ I can help you figure that out.
Are you trying to pursue a career in Digital Marketing?
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Are finding it hard to cope?
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Can’t figure things out?
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Looking for someone who can guide you & help you with your doubts & queries? Someone at the tip of your fingertips?

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