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Hi there, It’s Sanju 😃

I’m a Digital Marketing freelancer with 4+ yrs of experience. I have dealt with projects related to Digital Marketing, WordPress Development, & Graphic Designing.

I have handled 9+ Digital Marketing projects & helped businesses rank on the first page of search results for the most competitive corporate keywords.

I have managed & ran results driven AD campaigns on platforms like Facebook, AdWords, Amazon, Quora, Reddit, & Pinterest. I have built 7+ WordPress & Shopify sites.

I can help you with all the experience gained till now & to the best of my efforts ❤


👉  Career Guidance – Free (1 Hour)

👉  SEO & PPC Coaching – $25 / Day

👉  Project Assistance – $100 / Week

👉  Mentoring – $100 / Month


👉  Business Consultation – Free (1 Hour)

👉  Paid Advertisement – $100 / Hour

I met Sanju on LinkedIn. I wanted advice for my website and needed guidance...

Sanju was so proactive and so helpful. He is only 23 but the advice and knowledge he has are commendable. After consulting with him I realised I had to change my website design so that my users have a better experience.

If you are building a website or need advice on planning with marketing or SEO... Sanju is the person.

Thank you Sanju for helping me so much.

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Chantelle P

We at Higin consulted with Sanju while building our website and right off the bat he knew exactly what we wanted.

His knowledge in the SEO, website analysis, website building and social media domain was not only thorough but he also specifically suggested us what our site needed.

I loved how Sanju could explain his thought process along with examples from his own website and by the end of the call we were able to build a solid road map towards building a stable, search engine optimized and aesthetically pleasing website that would serve our purposes .

Lastly, since Higin is a startup, our idea of professionalism differs from that of bigger companies. We like it when individuals come forward in collaborations and share ideas to move a cause forward.

Thank you Sanju for helping us out and beware, cause we might disturb you again as soon as we hit a road block.

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Arkaprava Dutta

It was great talking to Sanju.
Cleared my doubts and groomed me with the right process thinking. Was so helpful.
Thank you 👍

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Anurag Vadlakonda

It was a very informative session. I came to know about tools for tracking user experience, insights on ad campaigns, & new platforms to get better leads. Also, had a helpful chit chat about Facebook Audience Targeting.

Your words added confidence to my work.

Coming to the presentation you have good tone and voice delivery. Your Patience and Friendliness is your strength. Sometimes you do explain fast... 😍😄😄👍👍

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Vishnu Bharath

I must admit that you're the Best mentor bro. I've learned lots and lots of things in just a single call, which I was searching for years. And without any doubt, you're an Expert Digital Marketer bro. Do you have any idea of starting a Mentorship program? If so, I'll register as your first mentee for sure. Thanks a lot for your consultant bro.

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Lahrel Antony

Business Consultation

I can guide you through the different aspects of Digital Marketing, what works best for your business, and how to implement it.

Career Guidance

Need help finding out if Digital Marketing is the right career choice for you? or Need help setting up a career direction?

Paid Advertisement

Are your campaigns not performing well? Finding it hard to target the right audience or Is the cost per acquisition high?

SEO & PPC Tutoring

Finding it difficult to understand how SEO works? or Finding it hard to set up the Paid campaigns that drive results?

Project Assistance

Having difficulty handling a project? Not able to drive results or plan every day activities that can drive results?


Looking for someone who can guide you & help you with your doubts & queries? Someone at the tip of your fingertips?



Planning to implement Digital Marketing for your business?
I can quickly guide you through the different aspects of Digital Marketing & what works the best for your business.

👉 How it can work for your Business?
👉 How to get you started?
👉 What processes may be needed to change internally?
👉 Where a Marketing Agency can fit and What part we can play?
👉 The costs

Are you confused if Digital Marketing is the right career choice for you?
👉 I can help you figure that out.
Are you trying to pursue a career in Digital Marketing?
You would have realized by now that the career you have chosen is very dynamic and changes happen nearly every day.
Are finding it hard to cope?
👉 I can guide you on how to survive & grow.
Are you having difficulty handling a personal project or clients project?
Not able to drive results or plan activities that can drive results
👉 I can sit down with you & figure things out.
Have any doubts related to SEO or PPC?
Can’t figure things out?
👉 I can teach you

Looking for someone who can guide you & help you with your doubts & queries? Someone at the tip of your fingertips?

Subscribe to my monthly mentorship program.
👉 $20/Month ( Doubts & Queries ) – Whatsapp
Will help you with everyday doubts & queries through Whatsapp.
👉 $50/Month ( Doubts, Queries, & Coaching ) – Whatsapp & Calls
Will help you with everyday doubts & queries through Call or Whatsapp with priority. 4hr/Month coaching on your weak points.

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