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Ultimate Checklist for Bloggers

Grab our 50-point Ultimate blogging checklist to make sure you blog right. It will guide you from the starting process of setting up a blog or website to the end process of content creation & promotion.

Digital Marketing Products |
Ultimate Social Media Cheat Sheet

Grab our Social Media Cheat Sheet to use the right Dimensions & Time to post on different Social Networking Sites. It holds the complete guide for running your Social Networking site the “Right Way”.

Digital Marketing Products |
Ultimate Digital Marketing Tools List

Grab our 300+ Digital marketing tools list to help you ease your work & increase productivity. It will consist of all the tools you would ever need to carry out your business with measurable data & efficiency.

Books We Recommend

Digital Marketing Products |
Marketing 4.0

Moving from Traditional to Digital is the much-needed handbook for next-generation marketing.

Digital Marketing Products |
Growth Hacker Marketing

Growth Hacker Marketing is the essential guide to the revolutionary new approach to grow your business.

Digital Marketing Products |
Art of Social Media: Power Tips

The Art of Social Media is full of tactics that have been proven to work in the real world & create social media superstars.

Digital Marketing Products |
The Art of Digital Marketing

The definitive guide to creating strategic, targeted, structured, engaging and measurable online campaigns.

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What we cover under $25 SEO Audit?

– Search Engines Index Status
– Advanced Links Check [ Status Report ]
– Duplicacy Check
– Complete Backlinks Analysis [ Status Report ]
– Google Penalty Check [ Status Report ]
– Website SEO issues + Solutions
– Traffic Source Analysis [ Status Report ]
– 10 Keyword Suggestion
– DA & PA Analysis [ Status Report ]
– MetaTags Check
– Sitemap & Robots.txt Check + Suggestions
– Page Speed Analysis
– Website Analysis + Resolutions
–  Url Structure Analysis + Resolutions
– Brand Awareness [ Status Report ]

What we cover under $50 SEO Audit?

– Search Engines Index Status + Recommendations
– Advanced Links Check + Problem Report
– Duplicacy Check + Solutions
– Complete Backlinks Analysis + Disavow Report + Recommendations
– Google Penalty Check + Solutions
– Website SEO issues + Solutions + Recommendations
– Traffic Source Analysis + Recommendations
– 30 Keyword Suggestion
– DA & PA Analysis + Recommendations
– MetaTags Check + Recommendations
– Sitemap & Robots.txt Check + Suggestions
– Page Speed Analysis + Recommendations
– Website Analysis + Suggestions
– Url Structure Analysis + Suggestions
– Brand Awareness [ All Channels ]
– 5 Backlink Opportunities
– Content Marketing Plan
– Social Media Calendar
– Top Competitor Activities

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