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Encharge.io - Marketing Automation For SaaS |

Hello Entrepreneurs & Marketers,
In this post, we introduce you to a new tool that helps you create personalized, targeted lifecycle campaigns that increase conversions, retention, and revenue. We have the co-founder of Encharge sharing his experience and how an idea was turned into an awesome product through the leads generated from an article.

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💬 Stefan Stinean – Founder, Inteleagent.io
I subscribed to Encharge because of the limitations I encountered in using Intercom for building email flows. With Encharge I was able to customize the email sequences the way I wanted to, and link them to one another in a way I wasn’t able to do it with Intercom. The support is fantastic. The rapidity with which new features are launched helps a lot.

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Encharge.io - Marketing Automation For SaaS |


👤 About Kaloyan Yankulov

Encharge.io - Marketing Automation For SaaS |I’m Kalo, co-founder and marketer at Encharge. And the other founder is Slav, who’s the technical person at Encharge.

I have a background in digital design doing work for big boys like Microsoft, Sky, Virgin, NBA, and others before I decided that client work and the agency life is not for me. I started building my startups back in 2013 and launched a bunch of different products since then. The last product before Encharge that I worked on was a micro-SaaS tool HeadReach, which we sold to a competitor in 2018. Just right after HeadReach, I started working on Encharge with Slav.

Slav has launched a number of startups himself, too.
Most notably he was a former CTO of successful social media scheduling platform PostPlanner.
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🎈 What does the Encharge.io do? What is unique about Encharge.io ?

Encharge.io - Marketing Automation For SaaS |Encharge is a marketing automation tool for early-stage product companies — SaaS tools and mobile apps.

It allows our customers to convert more trials and free users to paying customers. To use Encharge you bring in customer data from your app, Intercom, HubSpot, Stripe, Segment or any other tool you use. Then you create precise user segments from that data and send targeted event-based emails to the right people at the right time.

We still need to figure out our unique selling points, but what makes us different is our deep native integrations with a number of product tools like Stripe and Segment. We make it very easy for product marketers to create behavior-based emails by involving the developer as little as possible.

🎈 How did you come up with this idea of the product?

The idea for Encharge came from my pains as a marketer at startup companies. Bringing in customer data from the whole marketing stack is hard. In every startup that I worked at it took at least 2 developers and a few months until we had the right setup to execute powerful lifecycle marketing campaigns.
That’s why most early-stage startups and even mature SaaS companies default to sending one-off email blasts and don’t do anything beyond that.

We thought we could change that with Encharge by building a simple-to-use tool that connects with your marketing apps and allows you to create powerful marketing workflows.

🎈 What was your journey like to get where you are?

We’re still very early in our journey and yet it took longer than we anticipated

First, we validated the idea. It all started with the article in which I shared my previous experience with HeadReach. That article generated almost 3,000 page views and 500-600 email leads.

We later validated the idea for Encharge with that audience by creating a mock prototype and a landing page with the opportunity to pre-order a lifetime access to the tool for $89.

In 2 weeks we got 50 pre-orders. We haven’t done a lot of marketing for the pre-order deal apart from sending to that list of 500 people. With the pre-order revenue, we had some confidence to start building the product.

We executed a thorough launch plan as we launched in July.
With warmup emails, a limited discount offer, and so on. That’s how we got our first recurring customers.

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🎈 What are your strengths versus competitors?

We still haven’t figured an answer to this question, but one of our biggest strengths is that we’re bootstrapped, small, and hungry Today we onboard most of our customers with a lot of handholding, and unscalable free services. Providing value seems to have worked for us so far.

🎈 How do you measure success?

Encharge.io - Marketing Automation For SaaS |Revenue is #1 metric for us. Followed by website traffic, a distant second. Our goal is to reach $20,000 in monthly recurring revenue in the next 6 months.

There’s a long road ahead of us. Our content helps us reach potential customers in the space, as well as build authority as experts in the marketing automation and SaaS growth fields. So far we’ve accumulated an email list of 4 thousand subscribers, so I guess our branding is slowly but steadily growing.

🎈 Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

I hope in 2 years we would have a well-established product/market fit and be able to convert customers through a more automated process.

🎈 What are some mistakes you wished you could’ve avoided?

We made a ton of mistakes.

Bouncing between many product ideas before focusing on a single one, trying to build a product in untapped markets, trying to validate ideas with customer segments that we don’t understand at all, validating the idea with a lifetime deal instead of a more reliable approach, just to name a few.

🎈 What are the company’s core values?

Help people be successful, deliver as much value as possible, and be authentic.

🎈 How many employees do you have? How’s the workflow?

It’s just me and my co-founder. We have shared a lot of our processes here — https://encharge.io/saas-tools/

We have a daily standup that we use to share what we’re working on today and what we worked on yesterday.

For development management we use Jira.

For any other tasks – Todoist.

We also use Airtable a lot to manage all kinds of data — from finance to leads’ data.

🎈 What’s your approach to marketing?

At the moment is 100% inbound.
We have a typical funnel that starts with someone reading the blog, subscribing to our email list, and booking a demo call with us.

We’ve been working on writing long-form content posts that try to address and solve our customers’ pain. Examples include https://encharge.io/onboarding-emails/ and https://encharge.io/marketing-automation-strategy

🎈 If you weren’t building your startup, what would you be doing?

Encharge.io - Marketing Automation For SaaS |

I’d probably be a gym trainer or a game designer

🎈 What third-party tools do you use to ease your work?

As previously mentioned, Todoist and Airtable are a big part of our workflow.
They’re also a huge part of my personal productivity arsenal. I use them for all of my tasks, daily morning routines and journals.

🎈 Any suggestions for Startups?

Focus on an idea and work on it for at least 12 months before giving up.
Most software companies take at least that much time until you see any results. Also, start now.

Encharge.io - Marketing Automation For SaaS |Try Encharge Now!
Bring in customer data from your app, Intercom, HubSpot, and Stripe. Create precise customer segments. Send targeted event-based emails.​

  • Action-based messages
    Send automated triggered emails based on what people do or don’t do in your app.
  • Behavior-based segmentation
    Create customer segments based on user activity in your product.
  • Lifecycle automation across your apps
    Connect and automate your whole marketing stack.

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