Things to consider for increased Social Media engagement?  


Akarsh Tk
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15/12/2017 5:16 pm  

What are the things that you have learnt from your Social Media engagement? or what are your tips for increased Social Media engagement?

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Sanju Joseph
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15/12/2017 5:44 pm  

Here are some things I consider for my clients.

  • Know about the niche. ( Understand it's users & interests )
  • Choose the right Social Media platform.
  • Create an Active online base for target users. ( Maintain quality & relevance )
  • Select niche based topic with good hashtags. ( Make use of 3 to 4 Hashtags )
  • Create a good Landing page & Content worthy to be shared.
  • Create Infographics & Vector images of social media dimensions.
  • Promote on Closed groups & pages.
  • Make use of highly Interactive & Engaging content. ( Quiz, Polls or Contest )
  • Make use of Ads for a Targeted audience.
  • Engage on Regular basis.
  • Act like an Influencer.
  • Make a schedule of non-branded posts.
  • Share your work.
  • Keep updating & Stay updated.

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16/10/2018 4:03 pm  

There are many tricks to increase social media engagement.

1. Daily Posting

2. Latest News With Banners 

3 Provide best offers to clients

4. Share your work with everyone

5. Choose the right social media platforms.   

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