Best Websites for Freelance Content Writing Jobs in India

Best Websites for Freelance Content Writing Jobs in India |

Who is a Freelance Content Writer?

A freelancer content writer is anyone who is self-employed and doesn’t belong to a publication or an organisation. The projects undertaken by a freelance content writer can range anywhere between writing articles for a publication to creating content for organisations. The projects depend on the requirements of the client as well as the skillset of the freelancer.

Why Freelance? Well, why not?

You get to be your own boss, pursue your passion, no fixed working hours, not bound to the confines of a cubicle or an office, get to choose your clients, work satisfaction and most importantly, more time for family and friends.

An insight into the Indian freelancers’ ecosystem reveals that a majority of freelancers have a mean annual income of around Rs 20 lakh. Some are also able to make as much as Rs 40-60 lakh in a year. Read more at YourStory

If this doesn’t convince you then nothing will.

The Beauty of Freelance Jobs in India

Best Websites for Freelance Content Writing Jobs in India |

Many of us contemplate leaving our 9 to 5 job to pursue a path that has more freedom, flexibility & work satisfaction but very few of us take that path. Freelancing is currently blooming in India with every 1 in 4 people freelancing, making India the world’s second largest freelance workforce.

So, It’s high time you say No to your fears & do what you love.

  • Flexible Working Hours

    What makes freelancing a bliss? Not having to work from 9 am to 7 pm lol.
    Many corporate folks are quitting their corporate jobs to have a more flexible work timing to better live their life. Freelancing gives you the freedom to choose when you wanna work & where you wanna work. You can choose to work late night or early morning & take the rest of the day off by making sure you complete the client’s work on time because freelancing is all about reputation.

    Fact – Most freelance writers work less than 20 hours a week

  • You are the Boss

    This is the part I like the most about Freelancing. Being your own boss.
    Nobody to judge you, restrict you, order you, and to boss over you? Doesn’t that sound amazing?
    Freelancing will give you the complete freedom, authority & responsibility for the work. This has its own pros & cons. The pros being the need to unleash your complete potentials & cons being responsible for anything & everything that goes wrong.

  • Work Satisfaction

    Having contentedness with work is every employee’s dream but only very few achieve it. Whereas, others restrict themselves from spreading their wings & continue to work in misery. Having to work on different projects for different people & not being bound to one project or a single flow of work is a blessing unto itself.

    In a recent poll carried out by Personal Group, around 70% of self-employed people reported that they were happy in their job. Only about 48% of those who work for someone said they were happy. Read here

  • Pick your Clients

    Freelancing will allow you to choose clients based on your interest & say “No” to those clients who might be difficult to work with or projects that you aren’t interested in. Having to choose your own clients will help you to work more ambitious & increases your chance of getting better results.

  • More to Learn

    Freelancers often move from one client to another after a single transaction since most projects are a one-time thing. Hence, every assignment they work on is unique and exciting that makes it a pleasurable experience for the client as well.

Best Websites for Freelance Content Writing Jobs in India |

Why Companies prefer Freelance Content Writers

In the latest trend in employment, there is an increased hiring of freelancers to carry out temporary & sometimes important tasks of Companies. Now, these companies have a lot of money & resources at their disposal yet they tend to choose a freelancer over a full-time writer.  So, let’s look at some of the factors why companies prefer freelance content writers.

  • It is Cheap & No long-term commitment

    One of the most prominent benefits of hiring a freelancer is the cost involved. It is much lower as compared to the recurring cost of employing a full-time writer.

  • Skilled Writers

    Freelance writers are more skilled than in-house writers as they are exposed to a variety of projects & each project would have exposed them to different forms of writing & approach. Companies can use this learnt skill to form better content for their readers & expect a better engagement.

  • More Creative & Efficient

    Freelancers are not bound to limitations set by an organization. They get to choose the environment and the hours to work on the project. This helps them to unleash their complete potential & creativity.

How much do Freelance Content Writers get paid in India?

Best Websites for Freelance Content Writing Jobs in India |

One question that lingers in the minds of most before they start looking for freelance content writing jobs is whether they will be able to earn as much as a full-timer.

Well, the answer is quite simple. It entirely depends on you.

Knowledge is power is time is money.

People who follow money will only reach a certain distance but people who hold knowledge will hold power, control time & acquire things way beyond money could – contentedness.

  • Beginner Per hour – $1 to $10.
  • Intermediate Per hour – $10 to $25.
  • Professional Per hour – $25+.

How to be a Freelance Content Writer in India?

Being a freelance content writer in India is not easy. It is estimated that nearly 16+ million people are freelancing in India & this number is likely to increase by at least 10 million in the next five years. So, it’s gonna get harder to crack a deal in later years unless you build online presence & reputation as an individual.

Let’s look at a few things you should do as an Indian freelancer.

  • Register on Freelancing Websites and Job Portals

    There are several platforms on the internet today to search for freelance content writing jobs. Register to one of these platforms to be found by companies or individual looking out for freelancers. You can also approach advertising and marketing firms as they are always in need of freelance content writers.

  • Market Yourself

    Marketing your capabilities or skills on the internet will help you to grab the attention of potential clients. You can also use the different channels on the internet to increase your online presence & to build your reputation by showcasing your previous work.

Best Websites for Freelance Content Writing Jobs in India |

Freelance Content Writer Sites in India

Best Websites for Freelance Content Writing Jobs in India |

There are plenty of websites for Freelancers out there but most of em are scammers charging high fees or commission on every project. I recommend you to register on all the below-mentioned sites & constantly look for projects on all of these platforms but never stick or rely on one platform.

Before looking out for projects, check the commision rates & payment portal used by the platform.

  • UPWork ( Most Popular )

    Upwork is one of the most popular freelance websites for content writers, marketers, designers & professionals of various skill sets. There are a lot of opportunities on UPWork though the payment is low compared to other services. But, you will always have a project to work on.

    How much does Upwork charge freelancers?

    Here the freelancers pay a sliding fee of 5% to 20% based on their lifetime billings with a specific client. So, the more business a freelancer does with his client the lesser the service fee & the more they’ll earn.

    – 20% for the first $500 bill with the client.
    – 10% for lifetime billings with the client between $500.01 and $10,000.
    – 5% for lifetime billings with the client that exceed $10,000.

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  • FixPocket ( Good )

    FixPocket is an Indian version of Freelancer but much better. It operates with a goal to create a marketplace where Indian users can utilize their skills to earn extra money & Indian businesses to outsource the work at less cost. FixPocket has plenty of freelance job opportunities categorized into different categories increasing the possibility of being found.

    How much does FixPocket charge freelancers?

    – Payout is comparitively low.

    [su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#FE1202″ size=”4″ radius=”square” class=”inpost-button”]Visit FixPocket[/su_button]

  • PeoplePerHour

    PeoplePerHour is comparatively a new & less-known platform that focuses to provide a wide variety of reliable & professional freelancers. It has 1+ million registered users using the platform daily to either find freelance work or to find the best talent in the world.

    How much does PeoplePerHour charge freelancers?

    – 5% of the transaction fee (excluding taxes).
    – Additional 15% service fee for projects that cost over $265.

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  • Constant-Content ( Good )

    Constant Content is another popular platform for freelance content writers. It has 100+ thousand writers registered & 1+ million projects delivered. To be a part of Constant-Content you will have to fill out a form, answer a few questions & prove your skills by writing a short piece on a given subject. The review process is kinda long & it might take a week. The site claims that 80% of applicants are rejected every month.

    How much does Constant Content charge freelancers?

    Constant-Content is one of the highest paying sites for a Freelance content writer as they can set their own prices. You can list your article in three different ways at Constant-Content.

    Usage rights
    Here the buyer can buy the article & publish it but is not allowed to make any changes to the content. This article can be sold multiple times. This turns out to be a passive income.
    Unique rights
    This is similar to the Usage rights, except that the article can only be sold only once.
    Full rights
    Here you sell the complete ownership of your content to the buyer. The buyer can edit the article & also resell it. The article will be removed from the CC database once it is sold.

    You will be paid highest for full rights & lowest for usage rights. Constant Content charges 35% commission on every sale. So, you need to price your article considering the fee.

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  • Freelancer ( Bad Reputation )

    Freelancer is one of the world’s largest freelancing & outsourcing marketplace. It has 30+ million registered users with  13+ million projects completed. They provide 100+ types of freelance job opportunities for freelancers. Freelancers who bid lowest and offer to do the work in the least time often get the projects.

    How much does Freelancer charge freelancers?

    Here the freelancers are charged based on the type of project or service and plan ( paid or free ).

    – For fixed price projects – 10% or 250₹, whichever is greater.
    – For hourly Projects – 10%.

    Freelancers can only submit up to 8 proposals per month on a free plan. I don’t recommend this platform as it has been reported for many scams & payment frauds. They also have one of the worst customer support on the planet. But, you can try your luck.

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Best Websites for Freelance Content Writing Jobs in India |


Freelancing is booming in India & there’s no doubt about it.
If you have a lot of spare time then you can use any of your skills to market yourself & make some money. But, just like every other platform out there even the freelancing space is haunted by scammers & frauds. So, be careful.

Hope you guys liked this article.
If you guys have any requests, suggestions or know any other freelance platform that is worth sharing, then please do comment it down below. Take care.

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