How to Turn Instagram Followers Into Customers?

How to Turn Instagram Followers Into Customers? |

Do you have an engaged audience for your products on Instagram?

How to persuade these audiences to become followers and convert them into leads?

Let’s look over for some tips to enhance your Instagram marketing:

A Curated Instagram Profile

Your Instagram business profile is often the first point of contact with your future customers. So it is most important to make a great impression and entice people to follow your business.

By creating a consistent brand story and aesthetic, you can turn new customers into avid followers, who are a few steps away from investing in your products.

  • Include a relevant profile picture (generally your brand logo or symbol)
  • Craft a well written and catchy bio
  • Provide a link to your landing page
  • And also include your business phone number

How to Turn Instagram Followers Into Customers? |

Hack Instagram CTA Features

The swipe up feature, which gets unlocked after your account reaches 10K followers, lets you drive your followers directly to your website.

Once you’ve created your story (whether it’s a video, image, or boomerang), click the chain-link icon and type in the web address you want your followers to reach.

With the launch of Instagram Shopping in February 2018, brands are able to tag products directly in posts and Stories, and take customers directly to the product they want to purchase.

With the launch of a new “checkout” feature in early 2019, users no longer even have to leave Instagram to purchase many of the items they discover there.

After you’ve finished writing the caption for your post (just like you normally would), select “Tag Products.” This option will appear below “Tag People” once you have shopping enabled on your account. Note that you can only tag products or people in a single post, not both.

Share Instagram Stories

How to Turn Instagram Followers Into Customers? |

Instagram Stories provide the perfect opportunity for businesses to engage with audiences on a more frequent and personal basis. Many brands use Instagram Stories to showcase their products in action, promote special offers or interact with the customers.

Instagram Stories continue to explode in popularity, and the feature has more than 500 million daily active users.

The Instagram algorithm now takes into account all the interactions you receive on your Instagram Stories such as replies and shares. The more that a user interacts with your Instagram Stories, the more likely your posts will show up in their feed.

Partnership with Instagram Influencers

You can’t ignore these days about the elusive, purportedly mystical powers of Instagram influencer marketing.

According to Adweek, this industry is set to reach $10 billion in worth by 2020.

I​nfluencer marketing has become one of the most effective techniques for attracting customers in Instagram.

Customers today don’t trust traditional advertising – they trust people.

When you align your brand with an influencer, you are positioning your product for display to his or her already-established large network of audiences.

Now, once your account is complete you will be waiting for some new notifications.

No new notifications!

That’s not the good morning greeting you were hoping for.

Every morning starts this way. You turn off your alarm and attempt to scroll through your feed with your eyes still barely open. You check your notifications to see if you received any new messages or any new leads.


By posting engaging content on Instagram, you are going to remind your audience that yours is an account that is worth following.

How to Turn Instagram Followers Into Customers? |

Now about the content.

What kind of content will entice the audience and engage them to a level where every morning they anticipate their insta feeds for any fresh piece?

A simple, pretty photo doesn’t cut it anymore.

But creating engaging content can be tougher sometimes than you think.

Just follow some tricks:


Follow the major rule of Instagram growth- post high-quality Instagram content consistently. Always stick to your Instagram theme. If you post every day for a month only to be followed by silence in the following month, you won’t be able to grow your social media presence.


Take more engaging photos and change the props inside the photos. Instead of always having a coffee cup in your desk shots, try adding a journal, candle, or writing tool.

To take a step further, switch out your backdrops so you can create even better imagery. If you are not getting any ideas, just a minimal white background is nice every once in a while.


Ask questions in your captions.

Have you ever felt stumped on how to comment on someone’s photo? You really like the photo, but you want to say something more thoughtful than “hey, nice click!”

If you want a simple way to create more engaging posts, try adding a question to each of your photos.

Take some time to get creative with your captions and think about what kind of questions you’d want to engage with.

And Finally,

Engage with your audience regularly with comments in the thread.

Don’t you feel accomplished when someone takes the time to comment on your Instagram photo?

It’s a great way to assess just how engaged your audience is with your content.

The more your followers see you interacting with people in your comments, the more likely they will be to leave one as well.

So start with a perfectly styled Instagram grid, droll captions, fetching Instagram stories and BOOOM! You can see customers lining up for a deal!

And yeah, you have to keep doing it regularly.

What do you think? Which of these techniques will you start using today to engage your followers into your products on Instagram?

Feel free to share your thoughts.

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