Martechbase – Repository Of Marketing Tools

Martechbase - Repository Of Marketing Tools |

Hello Entrepreneurs & Marketers,
One thing all marketers out there love is the tools that ease our work.

Today, we bring you a repository for such tools.
Allowing you to browse and search through 7000+ marketing tools. Dream come true lol

Martechbase is an online community that allows users to search and discover marketing tools or solutions to grow their business. We have the founder of Martechbase, Agustin sharing his experiences and journey of turning his passion for tools into a concept that is being loved by the community.

👤 About Agustin Rejon

Martechbase - Repository Of Marketing Tools |Agustin Rejon – Founder of Martechbase is a guy like everyone else in digital marketing, He have been following Scott Brinker’s Marketing Technology Landscape for years. Agu was always blown away by how many new kinds of companies and tools are out there in everything from Marketing Automation, email, CRM, chatbots, analytics and way (way) more.

Every time he found out about a new tool, the seemingly impossible became a little more possible. Agu love that, so he thought he would explode ChiefMartec’s landscape into a searchable database combined with rich company insights, so that you could have that feeling too. That’s what Martechbase is for – it’s a place where people who love using tech to figure out marketing problems can find the best solutions. Follow Agustin on Linkedin

🎈 Does this startup have a big ‘brand’ already?

Martechbase is only 2 weeks old, but I couldn’t be happier with the response it has seen so far. During its first week, it reached #3 Product of the Day on Product Hunt. The site had over 21,000 visits and more than 550 new users in this short period.

🎈 What does the Martechbase do?

Martechbase - Repository Of Marketing Tools |The marketing technology ecosystem is vast and complex.

As of 2019, it included more than 7,000 different vendors from everything in Marketing Automation, web analytics, SEO, CRM and more.

Most businesses struggle to find the right combination of solutions for their business, which causes all sorts of inefficiencies for these companies. Martechbase helps marketing teams find the marketing tools they need to solve their challenges, so they can ultimately optimize their investment in marketing technology.

🎈 How did you come up with this idea 💡 of the product?

The idea came straight out of the Marketing Technology Landscape; annual research of the martech ecosystem conducted by Scott Brinker, editor of Chiefmartec, since 2011.

Like everyone else in digital marketing, I’ve been following Scott’’s work for years and I was always blown away by how many new kinds of companies and tools are out there. I felt that there was an opportunity to make something more visual and searchable out this data—so that was the starting point for Martechbase.

🎈 What was your journey like to get where you are?

I’ve been working on the project for about three months.

It’s been a fun journey as I happened to have just started experimenting with no-code tools at the time I got the idea. Martechbase is built entirely on Bubble, a leading no-code platform, so that’s how I managed to bring the concept to life without writing a single line of code.

🎈 What are your strengths versus competitors? 

Martechbase is focused on serving a very niche community of tech-savvy marketers. So there are not many competitors per se out there. I guess that’s one of the benefits of the site – it’s a unique place for people who love solving marketing problems with tech to hang around and learn from each other.

🎈 How do you measure success? What are your metrics? 

I want to grow this community of digital marketers over time, so traffic and number of users are key at this point. I’m aiming for full transparency when it comes to measuring the site, so I make all metrics publicly available to everyone through my SimpleAnalytics dashboard.

Martechbase - Repository Of Marketing Tools |

🎈 Did you experience failures? If so, what did you learn from them?

There were definitely a few hiccups along the way of building the site. Probably the funniest one is how I accidentally deleted my entire database the night before officially launching! So I had to frantically stitch things together again so the launch could go ahead.

More generally, I tend to spend too much time working on small design details. Sometimes I’d love to move faster and “just ship things” as soon as they’re ready, but at the same time, I truly believe good design can make a difference.

🎈 What are the company’s core values?

I’m an advocate of transparency, so I try to be as open as possible as I keep building the site and creating organic interest in my work. It gets people to appreciate all the effort that goes into your product, share it with others and be part of that journey too

🎈 Tell us more about your team & How’s the workflow? 

I’m a solo founder, just me at the moment! I use several tools to keep myself organised, mainly Trello and Evernote.

My entire stack is available on Martechbase’s About page.

🎈 What’s your approach to marketing?

For the most part, I’m mostly leveraging my personal network of contacts, friends and colleagues before spending any marketing dollars. There’s a huge deal in starting small, by relying on the people that already know and trust you. Get early​ adopters to help me validate the idea and keep evolving based on their feedback.

🎈 If you weren’t building your startup, what would you be doing?

Martechbase - Repository Of Marketing Tools |
Thinking about my next idea 🙂

🎈 What third-party tools do you use to ease your work?

Besides Bubble, one tool that I recently discovered that’s really changed my work-flow for the best has been Parabola. Parabola allows you to make almost any type of data transformation through a visual interface, so it’s been incredibly helpful setting up the enormous database behind Martechbase.

🎈 Any suggestions for Startups?

There’s this pivotal moment in the making process where you really need to step back and think about the problem you’re solving for your audience. The world doesn’t need another dating or food delivery app.

So really make sure you’re really adding value to someone’s life before staring the (hard) process of bringing your idea to life.

Martechbase - Repository Of Marketing Tools |

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