MINE – The Future of Data Ownership

MINE - The Future of Data Ownership |

Hello Entrepreneurs & Marketers,

We’re pleased to introduce you to a new tool called Mine. Mine allows you to control your data by making online privacy rights simple and accessible. Now you can discover what the internet knows about you and control your digital footprint. You decide where your data should or shouldn’t be, and they’ll make it happen.

πŸ’¬ Omri Simon ( βœ… Producthunt Member )
Amazed to see how many places have my info even if I didn’t use them for years. Happy I mined.
πŸ’¬ Tommy Bar Av ( βœ… Producthunt Member )
Kudos to Mine Team!
With Mine I was able to reclaim my privacy back. The service is fast, reliable, and overall magical. Kudos Gal and the all team
πŸ’¬Amir Luzon ( βœ… Producthunt Member )
Great! Simple! Comprehensive! Amazing!
Great product! Trustable. Simple to use. Very comprehensive. An amazing way to catalog my digital footprint and own my digital data.

Meet the FoundersΒ 

πŸ‘€ About Gal Ringel

MINE - The Future of Data Ownership | I’m Gal Ringel, Co-Founder & CEO of Mine. I accomplished a leader with a rare fusion of technology (Cybersecurity, 6 years in the 8200 elite intelligence corps), entrepreneurship, VC experience, strategic thinking, and unique business skills. I strongly believe that: “Success is management of failures” and therefore his motto: β€œDo not be afraid to take risks and experience failures. This is how we learn best!”

πŸ‘€ About Gal Golan

MINE - The Future of Data Ownership |I’m Gal Golan, Co-Founder & CTO of Mine.
I’m an experienced engineer with 15 years of hands-on experience in building large-scale software from scratch. I have vast cybersecurity experience, with both technical and management skills.

πŸ‘€ About Kobi Nissan

MINE - The Future of Data Ownership |I’m Kobi Nissan, Co-Founder & CPO of Mine.
I hold an MBA from INSEAD and spent time as a VC investor with Saban Ventures.

🎈 Does Mine have a big ‘brand’ already?

Mine is still an early-stage startup, but since founded got massive traction. Here are the most famous examples:

  1. Awarded among the top 15 promising early-stage startups for 2019 by Tech Aviv.
  2. Mine on Product Hunt, Won #1 product of the day & week, and #2 product of the month.
  3. Live SkyNews TV interview – Mine in the News
  4. Most famous launch PRs we received

David Hoffman, Global Privacy Officer at Intel Corporation, said: “Mine is solving one of the most urgent issues in privacy: allowing individuals to exercise more control over their data. Mine’s role will have an impact on the wider digital economy, where increasingly, trust and transparency can be established between individuals and companies. Intel believes privacy is a fundamental human right and technologies like Mine play a critical role along with legislation in realizing the promise of optimizing for the ethical and innovative use of data.”

🎈 What does the Mine do? What is unique about Mine?

On a daily basis, we all use online services and enjoy the wonderful wide web. But through these online experiences such as signing up for a new service, buying products online, purchasing flight tickets, booking a hotel, and more, we leave behind hundreds of digital traces about us that are collected by companies. When these traces are put together not only can they give others huge insight into our lives, but they can also be used against us.

This leads to a simple fact – we have no choice online!

Companies are dictating the terms and we have to click β€œI agree”.
Not only that, we don’t even know which companies hold our data and what exactly do they hold?Β 

We all lost track and control over our personal data online – Mine discovered that for the average user there are 350 companies holding his sensitive data, and this number keeps growing by 8 new companies a month.

Mine empowers people worldwide to become owners of their personal data without compromising their online experience. Data Ownership is a fundamental human right, that must be accessible to everyone.

Mine enables digital users to discover, and control what the internet knows about them, their digital footprint. All done through a simple, easy to use, mobile web-based app.

Our goal is to help people worldwide to reduce their unnecessary online exposure to minimize potential risks. Keep your data, only where you need it.

🎈 How did you come up with this idea πŸ’‘ of the Mine?

Having seen the inside of the tech world, we saw how people, and even ourselves, are losing trust in companies. At the end of 2017, we also noticed a shift in the public discourse and growing concern about personal data collection, identity, and privacy.

We set out to do what we know best – use technology to solve problems. The three of us really understand personal data and how valuable it is to people, and how easily it can be used against us. In late 2018, we left our comfortable jobs to put all our efforts into building a solution to help users gain control of their online identity and personal data. We believe that Data Ownership is a fundamental human right, that must be accessible to everyone.

When it comes to our personal data, we all deserve a free choice online.

🎈 What was your journey like to get where you are?

After leaving our jobs, we worked on developing the first MVP to prove that the technology works as well as discussing with users, conducting dozens of focus groups, user-tests, interviews, deep market research, business models validation, 250 power users who used our MVP.

All of which, helped us to raise our seed round in early 2019, from top tier VCs Battery Ventures and Saban Ventures.

🎈 What are your strengths versus competitors? How do you intend to leverage them?

  1. No habit change, no fences. We do not require people to change anything in how they are used to operate on the internet. We just help them keep their data only where they really need it. We simply provide a choice to decide what companies can do with our data.
  2. Simplicity. Approach the average person with simple to use and friendly UI/UX that works for them. With less than 30seconds, you can discover all the companies that collected your data, and with a few clicks, you can take action to reduce your exposure.
  3. Visibility – Mine provides visibility into our personal digital footprint. Mine allows people to discover what companies have collected their personal data. This experience itself, to be able to see the digital footprint for the first time, and navigate it, is mind-blowing.

Control and choice. You are the owner (the boss) of your personal data. YOU DECIDE which companies should still collect your data and which shouldn’t, and Mine will make it happen for you. Mine helps you keep your data only where you really need it.

🎈 How do you measure success? What are your metrics? 

As a consumer company number one priority is to provide value to our users. Mine helps people to reduce their online exposure, our first priority is to make sure those requests (right-to-be-forgotten) are completed successfully.Β 

Second, Monthly Active Users (MAU) and to make sure our users are coming back and use the app (Retention).

In a few months, we will introduce our monthly subscription model, and so this would be an additional metric to our success.

Our future plan is to enhance the product offering and add more features, but also to launch in more regions worldwide. Our next market is the US, and we will launch there in a few months to let Californians exercise their CCPA rights (similar to the GDPR).

🎈 Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

Helping millions of people worldwide to take discover and control their personal data.

🎈  What are some mistakes you wished you could’ve avoided?

My personal mantra is: β€œDo not be afraid to experience failures, this is how we learn the BEST!”

Obviously, we did and will do a lot of mistakes, and the ideas are to learn from them to improve and iterate fast.

🎈 What are your company’s core values?

  1. User-Centric – we treat our users as if they were us.
  2. Transparency – about everything we do in the company.
  3. Trust and Credibility – Trust is not something that is given, we need to earn that.Β 

🎈 How many employees do you have? 

We are 11 employees. See everything here.

We are still a small company, and everyone works in perfect sync.
As a company, work-life-balance is really important, and we keep making sure our employees would be happy.

🎈 What’s your approach to marketing?

Content, content and more content.

We believe content is king, and we will keep writing a lot of thought leadership and push it to different media outlets and in our social channels.

🎈 What are your views on customer experience?

As a consumer company, the user has to be in the center. We invested so much in creating a language that would be unique, cool and fit for EVERY person. Check our website to get a look at feel πŸ™‚ We even got mentioned in a really cool UI/UX article as a product and website with AWESOME design.

🎈 If you weren’t building your startup, what would you be doing?

Snowboarding or doing all kinds of extreme sports.

🎈 What third-party tools do you use to ease your work?

Mix-Max, THE BEST!

🎈 Any suggestions for Startups?

Do not be afraid to experience failures, this is how we learn the BEST!”

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