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Hello Entrepreneurs & Marketers,
Are you planning to start your own podcast?

Podcast.co can help you reach more listeners with just a few clicks. With unlimited episodes and a simple drag-and-drop interface, Podcast.co makes it easy to customize, schedule, and launch your show.

Podcast.co comes with a customizable player to fit with your website design, Audiograms for great visuals to share on your social channels, no technical issues, plenty of useful guides, a responsive development time of new features, and a down to earth team that’s passionate about podcasting.

💬 s.morganmackay ( ✅ AppSumo Plus Member )
Great Out of the Box
Podcast.co’s site is super user-friendly with a clean and modern UI along with some great features (love the audiograms!). But what really pushed me over the edge was the training and helpful documentation provided to help launch, establish, and scale new podcasters such as myself. I really enjoy over-delivering to my client base, and love finding other like-minded companies with whom to partner.
💬 tommorti ( ✅ AppSumo Plus Member )
First Class. Blown away, really.

I don’t often write reviews for products but this deserved it. I’m a keen podcaster and I’ve been using an array of free and paid podcasting software for years, and this just blasts the rest of them out the water. Really can’t stress just how good this, thoroughly recommend.

👤 About James Mulvany

Podcast.co - Host And Grow Your Podcast | I’m James Mulvany, a serial entrepreneur and I’ve founded multiple businesses over the past 10 years. Current projects include Radio.co a online broadcasting and radio automation platform and Podcast.co a podcasting platform which also has a production arm currently working with some of the world’s biggest brands including Samsung. I’ve been working in the online streaming and broadcasting space since 2004 and run multiple podcasts, various radio stations both personally and on behalf of clients.

🎈 Does this startup have a big ‘brand’ already?

Podcast.co launched in 2019 to an already established market. Before launching the platform we spent a year before this growing the brand and gaining traction on social media in the podcasting space. We currently have a social following of around 15k and get approximately 50k uniques per month to our website. This is growing, I’m not sure if you think this is a ‘big brand’ probably not compared to McDonalds, but I feel like we’re starting to get there!

🎈 What does the Podcast.co do?

Podcast.co - Host And Grow Your Podcast |

Podcast.co is a platform to host your podcast. It takes care of all the normal technical headaches associated with podcasting, such as RSS feeds, distribution to Apple Podcasts, Spotify etc. We also offer a wide selection of value added tools such as AI Transcription and Video Creation tools for podcasters.

🎈 How did you come up with this idea 💡 of the product?

Podcast.co - Host And Grow Your Podcast |After running Radio.co for 3 years, I saw clear opportunity and growth in the podcasting space. There are a number of broadcasting clients who were looking for a solution.

A lot of the competition in the space offer products that are very out of date, confusing and hard to use. Leveraging our existing teams and knowledge of product design, we created a solution that was easy to use and incredibly modern compared to other solutions.

The beauty of the platform is that someone can sign up and publish their first episode within literally a few minutes.

🎈 What was your journey like to get where you are?

I worked very hard growing my first business whilst I was at university.

I think it’s such a great time to get into the business as you can afford to make mistakes and also at such a young age you learn so much and can try your hand to anything.

Then when I graduated about 10 years ago (and wow it’s gone quick!) I started hiring staff and focusing more on growth. Since then, I have been growing my businesses and also working on various other investments (including property, startups/angel investments plus the normal portfolio type stuff).

🎈 What are your strengths versus competitors? 

We lead rather than follow. That’s evident because especially on our radio platform, the product and the marketing strategies have been copied by multiple competitors. So, I’ll let them mess around trying to copy us. We’ll always be the one leading the way!

Probably worth saying, I invest a lot in people So have such a strong team behind us that also makes it very difficult to replicate exactly what we’re doing.

Running a software company, you’ve always needed experienced developers and a solid service and support team. However, these days you also need an entire production team. So we have videographers, designers, copywriters, marketers and even an audio producer. All are full-time employees, based right here at our offices in Manchester. Which gives us an incredible edge on both the content we produce, but also on services we can offer clients.

🎈 How do you measure success? What are your metrics?

I’ve always been very profit-focused. We obviously look at recurring revenue figures, number of users too but there are so many startups which just focus on building huge numbers of users, without any real business plan or much ability to create revenue.

🎈 Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

Podcast.co - Host And Grow Your Podcast |
On a beach in Ibiza.

🎈 Did you experience failures? If so, what did you learn from them?

I’ve had lots of business ventures over the years. Some have failed and some have succeeded. That’s just the nature of being an entrepreneur I guess! Each time you fail, you learn valuable lessons in doing so,

🎈 What are this company’s core values?

Focus on a people-based culture. Always be moving forward. Ideas are worthless without execution. 

🎈 What’s your approach to marketing?

We’re very content-driven. We do also use PPC, but the majority of our marketing is content/inbound.

🎈 What are your views on customer experience?

One of the reasons my businesses have done so well is because we have some of the best customer success and tech support in the industry. We actually care about helping our customers and our service is second to none.

🎈 What third-party tools do you use to increase productivity?

The normal ones. Jira, Trello, G Suite. You’ve seen them all before I’m sure.

🎈 Any suggestions for Startups?

Podcast.co - Host And Grow Your Podcast |

My 3 SaaSy Commandments have always served us well and been responsible for multiple millions in revenue for my businesses over the years.

  1. Though shalt not fuck around.
  2. Always be single-minded
  3. Perseverance is key

Hear about them here: https://pod.co/create-reach-inspire/three-saasy-commandments

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Host your show with Podcast.co to launch, distribute, and grow podcasts with ease. Publish on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, & loads more with a single click.

  • Publish unlimited episodes of your podcast to unlimited listeners
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  • Use a powerful analytics dashboard to track key metrics
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