What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a form of internet marketing which uses Social Media platforms to promote your products and services. It not only promotes the business but also increases the website traffic through content sharing and creates brand awareness among the people.

Why your business needs Social Media?

– Users are growing rapidly on Social Media.
– You can utilize advertising opportunities to generate leads and conversions.
– Helps you to share valuable content of your niche.
– Helps you to create your own audiences on Social Media.
– You can gather insights on your product or services.
– Increases the brand awareness.
– Which could boost your website SEO.
– ROI on Social media is unbeatable.
– You can even create community of your niche.

How your business will be benefited by Social Media?

– Increases Brand awareness.
– Improves the traffic and search engine rankings.
– Improves Brand loyalty & authority.
– Targeted advertising.
– Helps you generate leads and conversions.
– Helps you gather insights on your product or services.
– It gives you direct referral traffic to your site.
– Helps you go viral.
– Helps you to keep customer up to date.

How long does it take to show results?

We can’t expect anything on Social Media because it is dynamic in nature and thousands of users join the social media platform. The results always depend upon how well you target the audience and how well you use your hashtags. If you run ads on Social Media and you have targeted right audience and location then it would be very easy to get the results within a week or two. But if you feel your ads are not performing well, please do A/B testing which would let you know the ways you could improve your ads performance. So it is very difficult to tell time taken to get you the results. It always depends upon your knowledge on the particular field.

What is the process in Social Media Marketing?

There are two different process on Social Media Marketing:
– Organic reach.
– Ads (Paid).

Process in Organic reach:
– Create your company page.
– Start posting on the Company page.
– Make use of visual content while posting.
– Always use hashtags.
– Use only relevant and fewer hashtags.
– Reply to all comments.
– Post regularly with good content.
– Ask your customer to give feedback on the Social Media platform.

Process in Ads:
– It is paid traffic.
– You can run ads for your products and services. (FB is more preferable).
– You can target the location for your ads.
– You can target demographic like Gender, Age, & language.


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