Tape – Make Text Marketing 3x More Engaging

Tape - Make Text Marketing 3x More Engaging |

Hello Entrepreneurs & Marketers,

In this post, we will introduce you to Tape. Tape helps mobile marketers drive better results with a mobile-optimized video story platform that drives their audience to perform an action. We have the founders of Tape walking us through their platform & journey of making communication more “human”. 

💬 Justin Mitchell ( ✅ ProductHunt Pro Member )
Great Out of the Box
I was lucky enough to try out Tape over a year ago. It’s insane how far the product has come and what Jason and the team have achieved.
💬 Alli McKee ( ✅ ProductHunt Member )
Loved It!
Love this! It’s incredibly intuitive. And fast. Can’t wait to implement in our customer messaging campaigns. A much-needed breath of fresh air.

Meet the Founders

Tape - Make Text Marketing 3x More Engaging |

👤 Dave Schatz

Hello, I’m Dave Schatz, Co-Founder and CTO of Tape. I was at Facebook for 5 years where I helped to build the New York engineering office while working as an engineer on the platform, pages, and android infrastructure teams.


Tape - Make Text Marketing 3x More Engaging |

👤 Tim Zelinsky

Hello, I’m Tim Zelinsky, Co-Founder of Tape. I worked at Amazon in Seattle where I worked on author services and helped to scale Goodreads’ backend systems after the acquisition.


Tape - Make Text Marketing 3x More Engaging |

👤 Jason Yeh

Hello, I’m Jason Yeh, Co-Founder and CEO of Tape. I was working in venture capital at Greycroft based in Los Angeles.


🎈 What does Tape do? What is unique about Tape?

Tape - Make Text Marketing 3x More Engaging |Tape helps marketers drive better results for their mobile messaging campaigns by using its mobile-optimized video story platform that drives users to action and boosts engagement. As more businesses turn to message channels like SMS, they face the challenge of writing a message that’s casual enough for the channel yet detailed enough to get their message across. This is where Tape’s mobile-optimized video story platform really shines.

By adding Tape to your messaging, we help you leverage the power of face-to-face vertical video, which feels like a cross between FaceTime and Instagram stories, within your messaging strategy to build rapport and trust, deliver your message with clarity, and drive towards business results (e.g. book more meetings, drive donations, activate volunteers, and much more). In addition, we capture analytics and offer APIs and webhooks so you can connect us with your CRM to inform the rest of your sales process. And, by the way, this app-like experience is delivered over the mobile web with no download necessary.

🎈 How did you come up with this idea of the Tape?

We saw businesses adopting bite-sized, automated, text-based methods of communicating with their customers. While there are efficiency gains from these channels, we saw them starting to level off and even decline as people realized they were speaking to bots and not real humans.

Knowing that business is done through relationships, we knew there was an opportunity to make these experiences more “human.”

🎈 What was your journey like to get where you are?

While we’ve always stayed true to our charter of making communication more “human” in the workplace, we have had to iterate across multiple product offerings before landing on our current product.

Tape - Make Text Marketing 3x More Engaging |We started with a focus on helping teams use video to improve their internal communication amongst each other. After seeing its usage and hearing feedback, we then began offering tools to enable that communication externally for customers that were in real estate and sales roles. As we continued to work with sales and marketing teams, our product continued to evolve to their needs, and we eventually found our place in the sales/marketing stack.

🎈 What are your strengths versus competitors? 

We have the benefit of having an incredible engineering team with DNA from Facebook, Amazon, Snapchat, and Google.

Our team has built intuitive consumer experiences as well as scaled systems to support billions of users. We will continue to build software that’s easy to use, reliable, performant, and integrated into other marketing tools that our customers are also using.

🎈 How do you measure success? What are your metrics?

Tape - Make Text Marketing 3x More Engaging |We measure success by the business results we are able to drive for our customers.

Businesses use Tape for several objectives, most commonly driving sales and reducing appointment no-shows/cancellations. We also measure the health of our product by the number of active campaigns and campaign creation rates.

🎈 What are some mistakes you wished you could’ve avoided? 

Automating systems too soon for things we were doing manually. Now, we don’t automate things until we’re sure of a repeatable process to prevent thrash from rewriting code over and over as processes change.

Assuming we knew what our customers wanted. We always listened to our customers, but early on we made too many assumptions about what we thought our customers would want or need. This led us down a path towards building features that were underutilized or unused!

Holding decisions too precious.

In a startup, you gain new knowledge all the time and need to make decisions quickly as new information comes in. Our advice, allow yourself to question your own previous decisions and change your mind as you get information that indicates a need to change direction.

🎈 What are the company’s core values?

Transparency, Honesty, & Focus on customer value.

🎈 How many employees do you have? Tell us more about your team. 

We’re a team of 6. Three full-time engineers, two on go-to-market and one on customer success.

We all operate on agile engineering processes: stand-up each morning, weekly retrospectives and sprint planning, and ruthless prioritization. We are transparent internally, share access across task lists, code review, wikis, etc. We share learnings in real-time over slack and collaborate on supporting customer needs so the whole team understands and builds empathy for customer challenges.

🎈 What’s your approach to marketing?

We try to share knowledge as much as we can via blogging, social, videos, etc. The more learnings we can share, the more everyone will benefit.

A lot of folks in SMS marketing have more questions than answers; we hope to be able to provide those answers and help people understand best practices, tips/tricks, and what the legal boundaries are for utilizing SMS as a marketing channel.

Our hope is that our contributions will benefit us with eyeballs and engagement.

🎈 What are your views on customer experience? 

Tape - Make Text Marketing 3x More Engaging |The customer comes first.

We aim to build products that our customers can land on and understand very quickly. It’s important to build intuitive experiences and help our customers achieve success as quickly as possible. We offer many options for customers to contact us for support so that we can help them find success quickly.

🎈 If you weren’t building your startup, what would you be doing?

Building another startup with the same team 🙂

🎈 What third-party tools do you use to ease your work?

Phabricator, Slack, Asana, G-Suite, Zapier.

🎈 Any suggestions for Startups?

Expect startups to take a long time and many iterations before you find product-market fit.

You may have a great idea and know that many people will want your product but it will still take a lot of time to execute that idea properly. Also, don’t be too stubborn with your ideas; it’s important to have conviction but it’s also important to listen to and react to the market.

The art of balancing those two forces is what will drive you to success.

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