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Whether you are a business owner planning to take digital marketing services, or a digital marketing fresher, the HUB platform has many useful tools and resources for everyone. Using the right digital marketing tools saves time and energy. The HUB provides tools that are valuable to marketers, which can help in growth of blogs and websites. Let’s dive into it to know more.v


Tools |

Bulk Email Verification Tool -

This Email Verification tool is simple, reliable, and easy to use. It helps to know how your emails have been performing and the errors in those emails if they haven’t performed well. It helps to build powerful and effective marketing campaigns.

It helps you to verify up to 30 emails at once, know about its performance and errors encountered in those emails due to which it didn’t turn out to be a success. You can export the list and use it for future email marketing campaigns.

It gives data-driven results of emails and helps to plan better and result-oriented email campaigns. It provides high-quality data and helps to get more conversions by getting a higher open rate and solving errors.


Problems -

Now it’s easy to figure out why your emails didn’t perform well and fix the reasons for the same. One can figure out various errors in their emails with this tool.


How email verification tool helps -

It helps to improve the performance of your emails, it’s deliverability, open rate, and campaign’s ROI with this proven high-quality tool. This online bulk email checker can be used to increase inbox deliverability rate and improve email marketing performance.


How to use it -

Simply enter the email addresses you need to verify. You can enter upto 30 emails, bulk verify them and know if any errors are there. 


Tools |

Custom Google Search -

Google’s custom search engine is easy to use, implement and works across multiple domains.  It also allows the user to see relevant search results and search about forums, discussion portals, communities, questions, guest posting opportunities and more.

One can also search for press release sites, meetups, useful resources, social profiles and lots more with this advanced custom Google search tool. Whether you wish to know about business directories
to list your business or content from a specific site, this custom Google helps
you look it up.


Problems -

Whenever we search for anything on the internet, we get many search results and it’s difficult to filter out relevant results from the millions of results that turn up during search. Custom Google search helps to find useful results quickly.


How custom google search tool helps -

 Custom Google search tool helps make the Internet a little bit smaller, so if you’re hoping to simply search for something on a particular topic or website.


How to use it -

With this custom Google search tool, you need to simply enter the keyword you want to search for and choose whether you would like to look up forums, guest posts, press releases or more.


Tools |

Facebook Interest Explorer -

Facebook interests allow you to improve the performance of your ads and refine your target audience based on their personal information available on Facebook. However, these interests are hidden and one needs to use Facebook interest explorer for working and understanding the various interests of the audience. 

With Facebook interest explorer, one can explore and use relevant interests in your campaigns. It also helps when researching about your audience. The HUB offers more than 250 interests to help you plan your ad campaign in a better way by offering suggestions for any keyword.


Problems -

Less awareness about Facebook interests affects the way of reaching the target audience. To reach audience in an easy and strategic way, one can use Facebook interest explorer to dive into the audience interests and understand them before running a campaign.

How the interest explorer helps -

The interest explorer tool collects information about audience, which they have put on their profiles and helps to understand their interests and preferences. It helps in reaching right target audience with each campaign.

How to use -

Using the Facebook interest explorer is very easy. All you got to do is enter relevant keywords in the search bar and wait for the results.

The tool will show you the relevant and suggested keywords based on your keywords

Guest Blogging Sites -

It allows you to build backlinks and search more than 1500 websites from different categories. It helps to bring more audience and get more engagement from them.

 It increases organic traffic and improves ranking on search engines. One can publish good and variety of content to get noticed by their target audience.


Problems -

Finding relevant websites to guest post is quite an important task. This tool helps you with more than 1500 sites in different sites. You can reach out to these sites for guest posts.


How guest blogging sites help -

High authority sites can bring relevant traffic to your site. Linking to some good guest blogging sites can help in reaching new audiences and get more engagement. 


How to use it -

Simply enter any keyword or select a category for which you need guest blogging sites and it will show up the results.


Tools |

Headline Mapper Tool -

A good headline encourages readers to visit and stay on your blog for more time. So, it is necessary to use catchy and attractive headlines. Your headline creates the first impression of your blog and website. The online Headline Mapper tool helps to find a suitable title by providing various ideas.

Now, you can focus more on creating content and other important tasks rather than worrying about the title of the content. This headline mapper tool gives you tons of ideas  

And what’s more is that you can even export these ideas for future reference and use.


Problems -

Many times good content does not perform well due to poor titles. Good titles can get more traffic and engagement to your site. Using a good headline mapper tool can help you in finding a good headline.


How headline mapper tool helps -

This headline mapper tool provides great headlines for social media posts, email campaigns, sales and marketing content and more.


How to use it -

The headline mapper tool by the HUB helps to generate more than 300 headlines for your sales and marketing materials. You can find many headlines based on various goals.

Tools |

User Query Research -

This tool helps to explore search queries from various sources. This can be used for optimizing content, getting content ideas, and keyword ideas. These queries are curated from different sites like Quora, Reddit, and many more.

It also helps in backlink building by answering user queries and linking to relevant sites, resulting in more conversions.


Problems -

Many times, blogs and websites need to work more on their content and the keywords that it ranks for. Proper research needs to be done on the same to get best results.


How user query research tool helps -

The user query research tool helps with content ideas as well as gets you relevant answer to queries.

How to use it -

This tool helps to get answers for user research queries, once you enter relevant keywords.

Tools |
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