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WordPress Development |
WordPress Development |

WordPress Development

An Initialย impression is very important for a business as it decides whether you crack the deal or not.ย In today’s world, the initial impressionย usually takes place on your website. So, your website shouldย convey your ideas, capabilities, achievements and story as a business. If not, then it will affect the way you appear in the eyes of your potential clients.
Softscotch can help you build such a perfect WordPress website. We develop WordPress websites focused towards easy & clean user navigation, an appealing colour scheme to have a pleasing user experience, latest theme (SEO friendly & Responsive), and Increased conversions with effective lead capturing system.

โ Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. โž – Warren Buffett

WordPress Development

$400+/ Project


WordPress Development |

Graphic Design Service

Get your Logo Design, Banner Design, Infographics Design, Promotional Design at low cost.

Digital Marketing Consultation

Softscotch is a Digital marketing consultancy focused to provide increased visibility, growth,ย conversion, & sales.

Digital Marketing Tools

Calculate advertising formulas and ROI. Compare digital marketing campaign & website benchmarks.

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What we cover under $25 SEO Audit?

โ€“ Search Engines Index Status
โ€“ Advanced Links Check [ Status Report ]
โ€“ Duplicacy Check
โ€“ Complete Backlinks Analysis [ Status Report ]
โ€“ Google Penalty Check [ Status Report ]
โ€“ Website SEO issues + Solutions
โ€“ Traffic Source Analysis [ Status Report ]
โ€“ 10 Keyword Suggestion
โ€“ DA & PA Analysis [ Status Report ]
โ€“ MetaTags Check
โ€“ Sitemap & Robots.txt Check + Suggestions
โ€“ Page Speed Analysis
โ€“ Website Analysis + Resolutions
โ€“ย  Url Structure Analysis + Resolutions
โ€“ Brand Awareness [ Status Report ]

What we cover under $50 SEO Audit?

โ€“ Search Engines Index Status + Recommendations
โ€“ Advanced Links Check + Problem Report
โ€“ Duplicacy Check + Solutions
โ€“ Complete Backlinks Analysis + Disavow Report + Recommendations
โ€“ Google Penalty Check + Solutions
โ€“ Website SEO issues + Solutions + Recommendations
โ€“ Traffic Source Analysis + Recommendations
โ€“ 30 Keyword Suggestion
โ€“ DA & PA Analysis + Recommendations
โ€“ MetaTags Check + Recommendations
โ€“ Sitemap & Robots.txt Check + Suggestions
โ€“ Page Speed Analysis + Recommendations
โ€“ Website Analysis + Suggestions
โ€“ Url Structure Analysis + Suggestions
โ€“ Brand Awareness [ All Channels ]
โ€“ 5 Backlink Opportunities
โ€“ Content Marketing Plan
โ€“ Social Media Calendar
โ€“ Top Competitor Activities

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